Summary Of Rachel In Blue Eyes

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What truly shapes a person isn 't their circumstance, but how they handle their current condition. At the beginning of the novel, Rachel gets depicted as a somewhat sad and confused girl who wears a mask of being alright in response to the horrific tragedy that destroyed her old life, and loved ones. Although she is quite intelligent, cute, and athletic; her new girl status, unique characteristics, and the stereotypes engraved in the society that “black people don’t have blue eyes”(10), causes her to be socially rejected by her black peers and getting bullied. As a result, this leads her further down that path of questioning her place in society. Bombarded by the numerous new feelings that have never once existed in her life, she creates a blue bottle inside of her that serves as a defense mechanism to withhold the painful feeling inside that she won 't allow herself to confront. This bottle conveys how Rachel can be mentally composed herself and endure the hardships that could usually cause a mental breakdown. Besides…show more content…
In Rachel’s life, her aunt Loretta became her silver lining that widens her dark, narrow world. In comparison to her grandmother who paints a low sky for her future as a black female, her aunt Loretta broadens Rachel’s perspective on being black. Loretta inspires Rachel to dream big and not be compressed by the world’s stereotypical image. In result to this, Rachel discovers a bit of the type of black women she hopes to become while aiming for college and then traveling the world. Through these aspirations and Rachel’s Idolization of Loretta, the feeling of love that died with her mother are felt once again thanks to Loretta. However, once Loretta dies, the warm love that Rachel felt disappears completely. The death of Loretta left a major void in the house that caused the grandmother to reduce her attention towards Rachel which in effect causes Rachel to adventure out more with
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