Pristine Prairies: Summary

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Pristine Prairies delight
Rachel Smith is the daughter of a Wealthy Farmer in East Greenbush, New York. She grows up with the love that would cause many young women of her age to turn green with envy. Everything she desires is at her beck and call. This continued till her 17th Birthday when a terrible drought hits her Town. The Father manages to salvage what he could but the fortunes of the family nose-dive. Rachel had to start working at a nearby Bar and she begins to experience another side of life which was unfamiliar to her. A window of opportunity emerges when she sees an advertisement of a Man based in Chicago that he needs a Wife.
Her excitement was heightened when she discovers he is young, single and successful in his Cattle rearing
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He is the father of Two Children – Danny and Martha. He suffers from an accident that almost cost him his life. He becomes paralyzed but by a stroke of fate regains full use of all his body parts. He does not reveal everything about himself during his letters to Rachel but he turns out to be a good man. His posterity is entrenched in the values that he passes to Danny and Martha.
Rachel Benjamin: She is the Daughter of a Wealthy Farmer that sees her Father’s fortune go South after a drought. She gets married to Dwight and raises Danny and Martha. She faces the test of her faith, love and life when Dwight is involved in an accident. She rises to the occasion and becomes a model for other women in the Town. Her involvement with some supportive people helps her to discover that she could still have a great life no matter the challenge. Rachel discovers she is a Woman of many parts due to her success in keeping the home and business till Dwight
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She has two Kids, a Business and the Home front to manage. True love is tested in the face of Dwight’s Health challenge. She gets advances from Men based on the assumption that Dwight has little chances to survive. Her morality, finances, kids, past, etc, all come together to define the true essence of Rachel Benjamin. At the end, she may lose out on everything if things do not pan in the right direction. The tides roar but she holds steady and expects a miracle.
Danny and Martha grew up from a home that was on the fringe of breakdown. They learn love, commitment, fidelity, etc based on the experience of their parents. Danny decides he would pursue a Career as a Clergy because he feels it is his way of showing gratitude to God. Rachel and Dwight have concerns based on his choice because he may not be committed to manage their business.
Martha aspires to be a singer and becomes one of the youngest members of a Musical troupe. She realizes that some of the leaders of the group were those that wanted her Mom to leave her Dad. She is torn between the emotions of vengeance and her desire to do what she loves (i.e. to sing). A quick thinking from a friend helps Martha take a brave
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