Summary Of Raiko Kutrev's Night

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When Raiko Kutrev went out of Lazar Glaushev’s house that night he was walking on the same street, towards the upper end of the town. His youngish legs were walking fast, despite the darkness and the bad cobbles. The passers-by were few; the gates from both sides of the street ¬¬– all closed. It was serene and warm spring night. Above the low overhanging wide eaves, large and lucent stars were twinkling. Such were those spring bright nights that for a short time (while the young person walked a hundred or two hundred steps), everything around was changed unnoticeably. Invisible behind the walls and roof, the fool moon presented itself on the distant horizon in the east. A silvery-blue light flowed all over the sky and all the stars sank into…show more content…
Raiko Kutrev fastened his steps in the shiny night: the devries had gone out and he did not want to meet any of them – they would have stopped him for he was walking in the dark without lantern; they would have searched him and he was holding a revolver under his shirt.
When the swain entered town’s upper quarter, where the cottages were scattered amidst wide and desolate gardens and yards, he saw moon’s silver disc beaming right in front of him. The youngster turned the corner and stopped farther on by a low stone fence. A small cabin with outspread eaves was visible across the fence. Two of its little windows were lighted. There was not a living soul around, as it seemed; no voice could be heard in the adjacent yards and gardens. The luxuriant green verdure rustled in hushed tones from time to time; a dog was yelping lonely thereabouts. Only the bright spring night was here. Raiko Kutrev put his hands on the fence and sighed a long sigh: heavy mixed scent of grass, flowers and green foliage filled his breast. He was looking at the opposite cottage, at its two lighted little windows and had the sensation of sweet
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He slightly caressed her hairs with his free hand –to check mayhap if they were not really on fire. The stone fence stood between them: they grasped their hands once more, looking at each other insatiably. A small dog, rustling almost unheard through the herbage, came nearer the girl, shaking his friendly-curved tail. It smell its owner once, then smell her one more time; then raised its muzzle a bit towards the fence, beyond which the young chap was standing, and turned around backwards again, rustling across the

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