Summary Of Ray Anderson's Theology Of Ministry

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This paper will summarize Ray Anderson 's theology of ministry using absolute terms to clarify his concept of ministry from his book The Soul of Ministry in chapters 1-4. In summing up the chapters terms, Anderson points out the most important fact about ministry is that ministry belongs to God. This essay will look at the various definition of terms in the hope of giving insight on ministry.
According to Ray Anderson, "Ministry is God 's way of reaffirming and expounding the truth of who God is and what God wishes to reveal through what he has said and done."(7) For instance, when Jesus visited the woman at the well and told her about herself she was in awe and after the conversation with Jesus, she immediately went into town telling everyone about what he had said to her and done for her in the midst of their conversation. Every ministry whether outreach, evangelic or small group, should teach a person about the Trinity.
Theological discovery focused on Moses obedience of servanthood to the Israelites as their chosen leader by God to lead them across the Red Sea to the land of Canna. Moses had an actual encounter with God and the burning bush. He discovered the mystery of God and what His name meant through a personal encounter which led to him being the first theologian.
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Theological discernment deals with God 's truth in His Word. (10) There is two theological discernment Anderson states and they are inner logical discernment and formal logical discernment. The inner insight is when a person has experienced something with an individual or with God. The person knows one another first hand because of their relationship or conversation with one another. The formal discernment is speaking about something or someone without knowing that person personally. In other words, a person only tells what they know from looking at an individual. Anderson points out that formal logic is a closed concept of truth. (11) Discernment is needed to distinguish the truth from a
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