Summary Of Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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Can a person learn something from communicating with someone else? For some people connecting with a new person is difficult and one might question the idea of connecting with a new person. For example, in Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” The narrator is unhappy about the blind man Robert coming to stay at his house. Then, the narrator starts to enjoy Robert’s company. While they are watching television, Robert tells the narrator to fetch a piece of heavy paper. Lastly, the narrator and Robert draw a picture of a cathedral together so Robert can get a better idea of a cathedral. In the story “Cathedral,” the narrator’s thoughts, actions, and feelings reveal the theme that even when unexpected, one can learn something from meeting new people.
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Attempting to start a conversation with Robert the narrator says, “‘Let me get you a drink. What’s your pleasure? We have a little of everything. It’s one of our pastimes.’” Then Robert says, “‘Bub, I’m a Scotch man myself” (36). Consuming alcohol is one of the ways adults start their conversation because it helps them to relax and forget their feelings. By offering Robert a drink the narrator shows that he wants to start a conversation with him. Thereafter, the narrator feels he is getting along with Robert and says, “Then I asked if he wanted to smoke some dope with me,” and Robert replies “‘I’ll try some with you’” (38). Offering Robert to smoke marijuana the narrator shows that he feels comfortable around him and comfortable to communicate with Robert. It is clear that the narrator has started a conversation with Robert and he is enjoying Roberts…show more content…
The narrator disliked the idea of the blind man Robert coming over to his house. At the beginning of the story, he is being sarcastic about Robert because he is blind. As the story progresses the narrator begins to enjoy Robert’s company. Finally, at the end of the story he learns something from the experience with Robert. Through the narrator’s character, Raymond Carver is suggesting that an individual should always keep an open mind because one can learn something from an experience even when unexpected. Experience of meeting a new person for the first time can be awkward, but it could also turn into a great experience. As part of a great experience, meeting an unknown person can lead to making a new
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