Summary Of Raymond's Run Essay

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In the short story, Raymond’s Run, Squeaky’s view of her own determination and drive help her to learn and appreciate those values in others. Before Squeaky’s epiphany, she was self-confident and boasted that she was the fastest thing on two feet. Squeaky also took her running seriously in that she is not afraid to practice high stepping onto the street where everyone can see her. In her eyes, girls should not diminish their abilities, but work ambitiously to develop their talents. After winning the race, Squeaky realizes that winning is not everything and sees things in a new light. Squeaky finds her true inner voice of her identity and personality which helps her have a revelation about the talent of other individuals such as developing a mutual respect for Raymond and making a new found friend, Gretchen. On the day of the race, Squeaky checks out her rival at the start of the race and notices that Gretchen is kicking her legs out like a pro. This sparks a newfound respect for Gretchen. “I get up and slip off my…show more content…
As the race starts, Squeaky looks over to her brother who was running on the sidelines. He was running in a unique style with his palms tucked behind his back and Squeaky sees that Raymond has the potential to be a good runner. “And I’m smiling to beat the band ‘cause if I’ve lost this race, or if me and Gretchen tied, or even if I’ve won, I can always retire as a runner and begin a whole new career as a coach with Raymond as my champion” (Bambara 40). This shows that for the first time Squeaky shifts away from her own goals and focuses on those of Raymond’s. She realizes that Raymond could be a challenger and Squeaky vows to help him in his personal race. When Squeaky hears her name announced as the winner, she is already focusing on Raymond’s future. Even though Raymond wasn’t actually in the race, this was really his
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