Summary Of Redefining Realness, By Janet Mock

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Janet Mock gives the world a piece of refreshing honesty in her novel, Redefining Realness, relaying her experiences of growing up as a multiracial transgender in poverty in America. This literary work provides insight to the unique challenges of a marginalized and misunderstood population. The American and even LGBT community often disregard the struggles of transgender women and men. As a result they are not treated as an equal people; their preferred gender pronouns are conveniently dropped in favor of forms of misidentification, they become subject to imposing interrogations about categories of sex organs and sex practice instead of appreciating questions discussing gender expression experienced by transgender individuals, and they become the topic of jokes and victims of violence. These terrors prove we live in a…show more content…
Janet Mock’s autobiography is named Redefining Realness because it exposes the surrounding terrors within a society that is still widely antagonistic to people of color, transgender, and especially transgender women of color who endure sexual molestation, poverty, and racism but refuses to succumb to invisibility and rather inspires shifts in social consciousness by focusing on pushing toward greater acceptance of one another and of ourselves, showing readers how to be unapologetic and real about who they are.
Transgender women and men daily engage within a culture of trans-antagonism and invisibility as they attempt reclaim their lives and define their own gender expressions on their on terms. For example in January of 2015, transgender television stars Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera were interviewed on the ABC show “Katie”. While the stars provided
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