Film Analysis: The Fouth Kind Religion

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Religion Religion itself consists of systematic patterns of beliefs, values, and behavior, acquired by people as a member of their society. In The film The fouth Kind, Tyler Christian Family. Visible when small family tyler gathered for dinner, before they pray with the Christian way. In this movie, they 're more rely on the ability of logic in solving the problem. Life and religious beliefs are not fully applied. Why? because they only believe what is real only. At the end of the movie the fourth kind those who watch the film will inevitably conclude that that makes the weird happenings events that occurred during this is aliens ... The issue of aliens exist because the number of people killed and missing without know what is Additionally there are sightings of strange aircraft at Tyler we call UFOS are believed controlled by aliens. This got me interested in finding know what is actually happening in Nome. It turns out that indeed in about the year 2000, many cases of citizens of nome passed away and lost without know why. I read the information over the internet and it is explained that the large number of people…show more content…
Culture Culture Is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, difined by everything from langue, religion, social habits, music and arts. In the movie the Fourth Kind culture that is terhilat is clear at the moment tyler family prays before dinner. This culture does not only exist in Nome but in all people. In addition to that Nome shows culture helps fellow. Relation between Religion and culture in the fourth kind movie we can see when they pray before eating. It has become a habit for Christians in General and at once became a trust. Which they believe in and thanks to what has been accepted. But in solving the conflict going on, they just believe in Fiat alone. The supernatural in religion-related film. Because as I explained earlier that the power of superanatural originated from a belief in something above

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