Summary Of Rent Seeking And The Making Of An Unequal Society

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Rent Seeking by an American Economist In the American Economist Joseph Eugene Stiglitz’ essay, ‘Rent Seeking and the making of an Unequal Society,’ he argues, with the help of examples, that most of today’s economic and political problems are caused by the government. He goes in depth to explain why the government policies are a major factor in creating these problems, as well as the market forces itself. In addition to this, he discusses the relationship between income inequality and societal growth, and how rent seeking contributes to it. The following is main ideas from his essay that help to further prove his point of how rent seeking provides for income inequality, as well as how the government policies help in the making of an unequal society. Firstly, because the government policies shape the market forces, they are able to shape the degree of inequality. The root of the inequality issue lies in the government policies, as they hold the power to determine where the money lies on the spectrum of the rich, middle class and the poor. Normally, when an economy is suffering, employment as well as wages adjust accordingly and sales as well as profits suffer as well. However, because of this inequality employment rates and wages actually suffer while the sales profit. Political forces, as much as economic ones are what leads to inequality. As the government controls the distribution of sources as well the distribution of income that comes from a market. The level

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