Resurrecting Mingus Analysis

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"Resurrecting Mingus" is about a young woman named Mingus Janay Browning who is lost in a world full of lust, spite, vengeance, oblivion. She is a single 29-year-old lawyer who has her life well-balanced until her older sister Eva who reveals to Mingus that their father, Carl, has indeed been cheating on their mother Ellie. Mingus could not believe that her father had an affair behind her mother 's back after thirty-five years of marriage. She decides to pursue speaking to Ellie about the situation, whom she is not very close with compared to Ellie. When she speaks to her mother she urges her to file for a divorce. Ellie in the confused and hurt state of mind she is it refuses to take action against her husband.
Ellie is a 55-year-old Caucasian lady of Irish descent who loved Carl very much. At this point, she is comforted by his presence even if she knows he leaves to go and visit this other woman. She comes to find that Carl has a tape recorder of him and his mistress. One day, while he is out doing god, knows what with his mistress, she decides she needed to find out who this woman is and what is so special about her. She had hoped that the disgusting lady was not African American, the thought of it
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She never wanted to take Eric back not even if she desired to be with him again. The day of goodbyes had come, Mingus had parked in Eric’s driveway and waited until his arrival. When he arrived, Mingus invited him into her car since it was much warmer than the outdoors. She told him her reason being at his home, she was returning the gifts he had given to her on her birthday. Eric did not want to go on with what she had planned. Mingus told him the reason to her actions, all she wanted was to love herself. She had told him that she is afraid of being alone and not having anyone. Tears began to drop from his eyes while asking her if it was truly over forever. Mingus did not respond, she simply held his hand and
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