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The editorial also appeals to the audience’s basic value of life, equality, and justice. In the editorial the police commissioner for the city, states that, “police owned tonight.” This was after a protest in Ferguson, where police where caught using excessive force that was completely unnecessary. This appeals to unlawful justice because it was a peaceful protest that turned bad because of how the police handled the situation and treated the protesters.
Other strategies used by the rhetoric are aesthetic. This editorial has a picture of an African American with his hands straight up in their air at the protest in Saint Louis. This is to show the audience that just because he is black, it doesn’t make him a threat, and he has his hands up because he knows he’s at risk. Other aesthetics used in this editorial would have to be descriptive words, especially when they describe the scenes at the protests. For example, in the rhetoric it states, “Some people who took off running to escape the onslaught of rubber bullets were chased and tackled by officers” (NY Times). This particular scene comes to life and it gives the audience to chance to put themselves in their shoes, and feel how hard this night actually was for the people in the community.
Overall, the strategies utilized by the editorial does not do an effective job
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The Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t receive enough attention and some people just don’t care. The American’s who do not care would be considered “white privileged,” and the reason they do not care is because it doesn’t directly affect them. They never had to experience what most African Americans have to deal with on a daily basis. This editorial will not persuade the audience because it will lose its audience interest, because a lot of American’s never had to go through this, so it would be hard to relate
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