Maturity In Richard Wright's Black Boy

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Maturity is a moment in time when someone becomes the expected respectful, adult and although, it isn’t asynchronous eventually it comes. In Black Boy, Richard Wright took a while to mature, but once he, did he acknowledged his wrongs and focused on his future. Richard Wright was a young boy from the state of Mississippi never hesitating to show his curiosity and disapproval. From his mischievous reflexes of fighting to his growth in maturity and becoming a better person, Richard had thrived to protect and take care of his family. Richard was trying to figure out the world he lived in; He saw a “black man being severely beaten by a ‘white’ man, initially feeling that the ‘white’ man had the right to but once he acknowledged that the ‘white’…show more content…
His ninth grade also known as Richard’s last year in high school, however, it was “light”, leaving his grades high. He was selected as valedictorian. Even when Richard was threatened on no graduating, he still was determined to present his own valedictorian speech. At seventeen years old, Richard moved to Memphis he was In need of a job and home. Richard found himself on Beale Street, the street that he had been told was filled with danger; Once he saw this big frame house he believed it was a whorehouse. Ironically, the place he believed was filled with danger was really filled with love; There he met Bess and her mother, Mrs. Moss perceiving them as kind-hearted people. Establishing a livable environment for all three to be in one house was easy along with Richard finding a job and sending money home to his mother and brother, nevertheless, making a separation between him and Bess wasn’t. Richard growth as an individual assisted the separation between pleasure and business with Bess. After leaving the Moss residency, Richard moved in with his Aunt Addie along with his mother and brother in Chicago. Eventually, Richard obtained a new job and they rented their own apartment and invited their Aunt Cleo. Richard hated the idea of going into a relief station so greatly that he sat hours, fighting hunger and avoiding his mother but then, eventually coming to the conclusion that he
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