Summary Of Richard Wright's Indonesian Notebook

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Richard Wright’s Indonesian Notebook Analysis
American Studies Miscellany Final Paper

Indonesian Notebook is an essay written by Richard Wright about Wright’s experience when he visited Indonesia. It was published in August 1955 with other works compiled in Encounter Vol.5, No.2. Richard Wright himself was an African American writer who had written many stories related with racism. He went to Indonesia in purpose to attend Bandung Conference that also can be called Asian-African Conference. This work represents his own perspective toward Indonesia as an African American man.
As has been mentioned before, this work contains an essay about his experiences in Indonesia. As a novelist, he wrote his essay like he was writing a story. It is a good essay because the words he chose are readable and interesting. However, like a story, his essay could not be fully trusted because he didn’t mention where the sources came from and who were the informants he asked to. It is possible that he refused to mention who were the informants because he didn’t get approval from them to mention their name. However, it becomes the reason why his essay cannot be fully trusted because the sources are not clear and make us doubt it. Therefore, this paper will analyze his perspective toward Indonesia and its people more deeply.
At first, as he mentions in his work, Wright doesn’t know much about Indonesia. After meeting a Dutch girl that he calls as D, he realizes that he needs to learn more about

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