Summary Of Richard Wright's Jealousy For The Marine

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For generations, the American public has been subject to the general news media. This subjectivity leaves audiences in thrall, in confusion, in humor, and, often, in anger. News outlets of all forms have a major influence on the general American populace. Daily news broadcasts help the public to stay in the know about major issues-both domestic and foreign. If someone wants to know the goings on in the Italian wine industry, or the German film industry, they might check the internet, but would never look for information in their hometown newspaper. Larger newspapers, however, stand a higher chance of including foreign film reviews and reports on foreign economy due to the fact that they have a larger audience to cater to. The same goes for…show more content…
There is a great deal done to humanize the individuals on each side, and though it seems like there is no divide on who is right or who is wrong, Wright clearly wants you to feel for the Marines. As an author, Wright chooses to focus on the humanity in the wake of tragedy-Walt Hassers encounter with the man in the blue car for example-which in turn causes one to feel pity for the Marine in question (Wright 263). This type of subtle thought control is classified as an implicit bias, where an idea or fact is stated in a way that, based on ‘acceptable’ social behaviour, shapes the way a reader or observer thinks. (Brownstein…show more content…
United States citizens needed something to believe in and it was our troops, sent out to seek revenge for the loss of life in the September 11 attacks. There is no doubt that American public opinion has changed over time, but, in the beginning, there was a positive reception to the invasion of Iraq (Bush 1). Though the positive opinions have dwindled, they have not been erased. As a country, America has come a long way from the desperation felt at the beginning of the Iraq war. This change has lead to several new developments ‘post-mortem’ (Powell 1). Since more information about Operation Iraqi Freedom is now available, more people are becoming educated on the topic, children who were unaware of what was happening at the time have now caught up, due largely in part to the abundance of largely unbiased media, namely government documents from the US as well as countries abroad, released after the initial

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