Summary Of Rick Reilly The Sins Of The Father

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In Rick Reilly’s article “the sins of the father” beginning with “What a fool I was”, Reilly shows his regret of making Joe Paterno, a well-know, honorable, winning football coach of Penn State Nittany Lions a saint without knowing what Paterno had done. The exigence is that Paterno, who brought 409 victories to his team, covers the Penn State child sex abuse scandal for his own benefit and reputation. Reilly takes a stance and tries to convince his audience, people who cares about football sports and cares about this particular scandal of Paterno, that what Paterno contributes to his team could not free him from his fault. Paterno should still be blamed for his indulgence towards Sandusky’s crime. Reilly uses the sentence “what an… I was”
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