Summary Of Rights Of A Man By Thomas Paine

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Who doesn’t look up to the flourishing, thriving country of America and want to support its causes and freedoms? Paine is a prime example of support. Although shackled by the King of England, Paine is a firm believer in the freedom of America and their way of life. Throughout the passage from his book, Rights Of A Man, he discusses the diversity of America: so many different people, languages, religions, ways of life. The list is never ending. Paine’s characterization of the “Land of Liberty” in 1791 continues to hold true today, for over two centuries, and the multitude to come. Paine’s book gives a lot of insight on America, but the funny thing is that he was not even an American citizen. Paine describes that America is “made up, as it…show more content…
Paine discusses that America is so successful and accepting because of the system of government they established, which provided organization and protection of rights. At this time (1791), England, for example, was held under the power of a very strong King, whether they approved of his thoughts and actions or not. There was no organization or protection of rights in this system, due to the fact the King did whatever he pleased and did not care to regard or listen to anything the British citizens had to say. America was held under the King’s reigns for only a very short time before declaring independence on the fateful day of July 4, 1776. From then on out, and continuing today, Americans are given the choice in who their ruler will be. The American government also currently sustains the ensurement of the fundamental rights of its population. Paine also admits in his writing that everyone in America is equal and “the poor are not oppressed, the rich are not privileged…” Everyone was to be treated fairly and equal in America in the late 1700’s while residents of England were divided by unprotected rights and freedoms and class systems. Today, everyone continues to be entitled to the same rights and freedoms as the people in 1791. Overall, America has not changed all too much throughout the years, but whenever it does, it is for the better. John Paine’s passage regarding America continues to reign true today no matter how many years have passed. The freedoms in America is something that inspired him, as evidence by this passage in Rights of a Man. The vast diversity intrigued him. His claims about America more than two centuries ago are still present in our country today. If anything, America has expanded more and more, making us closer together as one united
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