Summary Of Rizal's Letter To The Young Women Of Malolos

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After reading Jose Rizal’s letter to the young women of Malolos, I decided to do further research regarding the text in order to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Rizal’s message. From my research, I discovered that the letter was written in London on February 22, 1889, in response to the young women of Malolos’ plea for education. The letter manifested Rizal’s delight in Filipino women who desired to learn and to be enlightened. He took pride in the said women, so much so that he stated: “our hope is roused, now we are confident of victory.” Additionally, in his letter, Jose Rizal emphasized the significance of education in the lives of Filipinas and how education and rational thinking can free them from oppression and slavery.…show more content…
Rizal effectively wrote passages that were thoroughly inspiring and interesting; thru the use of his words he was able to imprint valuable ideas to his readers. “Because blind obedience is the origin of crooked orders and in this case both parties sin,” “God gave each one his own mind and his own conscience so that he can distinguish between right and wrong,” “God, fountain of wisdom, does not expect man, created in his image, to allow himself to be fooled and blinded,” “A man without a will of his own is a man without personality,” these passages showcase that indeed, God’s greatest creation is reason. Rizal extremely emphasized that human beings must make use of their own judgement and reasoning — to stand firm and fight for what they believe in instead of submitting and conforming to evil authorities. Additionally, the lines: “The mother who can teach nothing else but how to kneel…should not expect any other kind of children but stupid or oppressed slaves,” “Let us be reasonable and open our eyes, especially you women, because you are the ones who open the minds of men,” “The country should not expect honor and prosperity so long as the education of the child is defective, so long as the women who raise the children are enslaved and

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