Review: The Recruit By Robert Muchamore

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Have you ever been moved into a foster home where it turns out to be a campus that trains teenage spies for the British Government to take down the most wanted criminals in Europe? In the novel The Recruit by Robert Muchamore that’s what happens to twelve year old James Choke.
The Recruit begins with twelve year old James Choke, in class he accidentally slashes classmate Samantha Jennings' face with a nail on the wall after she teases him about his mother being fat. He shoves his teacher over and runs home, to find his stepfather Ron Onions visiting his mother, Gwen Choke. He goes back to school to pick up his nine year old sister Lauren Onions and they go out to eat dinner. They come back home to find Ron gone and their mom asleep, with multiple missed calls from the school on her phone and a note from the Deputy Head Teacher pushed under the door. Later James discovers that their mom has died because she was drinking alcohol
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“Can you tell me where to go?’
“Can’t talk to orange,” one girl said.
(Muchamore 67)
The culture “Confused” applies to James in this situation because when he wakes up he has no clue where he is or how he got there. And when he tries to figure out where he is he asks people all they say is “can’t talk to orange.” This paragraph talks about how James had to be put in a foster home and then gets an offer from CHERUB the British Government teen spy training school. This artifact shows that my characters culture is confused because in the book James Chokes mother died out of nowhere because was drinking and taking her pain pills while he was out with his sister Lauren getting dinner. When james got home after dinner he played GT4 for about an hour then he went to go check on why his mom was quiet so he said “mum” and there was no response because she was dead.
An example from the text is: The TV in the living room was still turned up loud. James flicked it off.
“Mum,” James
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