Summary Of Robin Hood And The Three Squires

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“Robin Hood and the Three Squires”
12th June 2015
“Robin Hood and the Three Squires” is a poem (or a ballad) by an anonymous poet about how Robin Hood goes on a quest to rescue his three men who have been captured for killing the king’s deer. On the way, he encounters an old woman and an old man, as well as the sheriff who locked up his men, and with them he gains information on how to save his men.
The genre of this literary text is poetry because poems are written in stanzas of 4 lines each usually. Its sub-genre is folk-song. A folk-song is an anonymous and narrative poem, which can also be called a ballad.
In the poem “Robin Hood and the Three Squires”, I can deduce that Robin Hood is a young fellow of courageous demeanour, ever-willing to be of aid to those around him, as well as a person of intelligence and wisdom in decision.
The reason(s) for my argument is as follows.
Robin Hood is on his way to Notthingham, when he encounters an old woman, and without any hesitation strikes up a conversation with her. At her seeming upset and distraught, he proceeds to ask her what is troubling her, to which she answers.
Once she tells him that three squires are to be killed on the same day, he proceeds to ask her a string of questions, proving that he is a very insistent and demanding young man, who is eager to get the answers to his questions with the snap of a finger.
Although it may seem that he is being annoying with his string of questions, as
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