Summary Of Rodman Philbrick's Freak The Mighty

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Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick is a fascinating novel told from the prospective eighth grade boy, Max, about his life when he met a new friend. Max is extremely tall and strong for a fourteen year old. Max lives in present times with his grandparents, Gram and Grim, in the basement. He doesn’t live with his mom or dad because his dad, nicknamed Killer Kane, murdered his mom, and he is guilty in jail. In school, Max is not treated well and he has no friends because of this. Max has learning disabilities and still in the lowest classes doesn’t do well. He does not have friends until he meets Kevin, nicknamed Freak, over the summer. Freak has Morquio Syndrome, a disease where the inside organs grow, but the outside does not, therefore making him very short and small and walks on crutches. “If you didn’t know, you would think he was like a kindergarten creeper who…show more content…
Max’s father murdered Max’s mom, and is guilty in prison for that. Gram and Grim, Max’s grandparents fear that Max would become like his father, a murderer. His classmates don’t treat him well and tease him all the time for the things that weren’t his fault, his father killing his mom. His classmates think that he is a violent, mean person, because of his large size and because his father. This is not true, but only the opposite is. His classmates think of him as “stupid”, “dumb” and “slow”. Max has learning disabilities and doesn’t do well in school, even though he is in the lowest classes. Freak, his only friend passes away after their long friendship. Max is confused about the loss of his best friend because Freak told him that he was going to get bionic limbs. Soon after Freaks death he discovered that it was not true and that he was not telling the truth not to worry Max. Max learned that even if he’s that troubled, with events like his best friend dying, or his father killing his mother can’t slow him down and that he has no other way but to get over
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