Summary Of Ronnie Lipschutz's 'Constitution Of Imperium'

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In Ronnie Lipschutz’s book entitled The Constitution of Imperium, Lipschutz, a critical theorist, offers a rational and thought provoking evaluation of the United States’ social, political, and economic influence in the International arena. The Constitution of Imperium that Lipschutz discusses is a paradoxical document proposed by the Bush administration that would approve of the US’ ability to operate outside of the US Constitution without any written consent, besides the actual Constitution of Imperium itself. This new Constitution would lend more influence to the US by allowing it to have greater political, social, and economic power over other actors who agree to policies, or organizations that were created by the US. Lipschutz proposes that the US has been building its imperium since the end of WWII with its creation of organizations such as the United Nations.…show more content…
In three of his chapters, entitled “Homeland,” “Exception?”, and “Dollarama,” Lipschutz explains why and how the US has been building its imperium since 9/11, and opens up the topic to further discussion. Overall, I believe that Lipschutz does a thorough job of introducing challenging opinions and theories on the US’ actions since WWII, however, he raises many questions that have no correct answer, making his book a debatable and thought provoking read. In this essay I will reflect on the strengths and weaknesses in Lipschutz’s arguments about protecting the homeland, justifying the Global War on Terror, and the US’ overall efforts to build
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