Summary Of Rough Justice By Michael Fay

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“ The Better Pick” “No matter how harsh your punishments, you’re not going to get an orderly society unless the culture is in favor of order” (Woon 183). In “Time to Assert American values,” by New York Times and “Rough Justice” by Alejandro Reyes, both passages argue for and against the punishment prescribed in the Michael Fay case. After carefully analyzing the two texts the reader realizes that the article “Rough Justice” has the most relevant and sufficient article to support these arguments because of the way the author uses a sustainable amount of evidence and facts to back up it’s claims, as well as, strong rhetorical appeals. One example of how “Rough Justice” has a stronger appeal to it than “Time to Assert American values,” is its …show more content…

An example in “Time to Assert American values” is when the author states, “There are millions of acts of brutality that cannot be exposed and combated. A case like Michael Fay’s is important because it provides a chance to challenge an inhumane practice that ought not to exist anywhere” (“Time to Assert American values” 180). This shows an excellent example of the rhetorical device known as pathos, which appeals to one's emotions. While this is a strong aspect the reader could be persuaded by, “Rough Justice” also conveys another strong rhetorical device known as ethos (ethical appeals). An example of this would be when it states, “If there is a single fundamental difference between the Western and Asian worldview, it is the dichotomy between individual freedom and collective welfare,” said Singapore businessman and former journalist Ho Kwon Ping in an address to lawyers on May 5, the day Fay was caned” (Reyes 184). By using a quote coming from a businessman and former journalist who might know more what they’re talking about, rather than a random citizen weighing in on the matter, makes readers take a closer look at what Ho Kwon Ping (businessman and former journalist) has to say about this

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