Summary Of Sacred Honor By Colin Powell An American Hero

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Sacred Honor written by David Roth is a biography about Colin Powell an American Hero that takes you from the Persian Gulf to Washington's corridors of power. This biography presents the complete inside story which shows how Colin Powell as one of the most visible, respected ,and popular military leaders of his time. While also showing the man behind the uniform who not many people have seen. This biography is an inspirational and very incredible story of a true genuine hero. This story mainly revolves around Colin Powell of course but also focuses around his family and friends who impacted his life. Sacred Honor also includes very important historical events that revolved around his life. I would highly recommend this biography …show more content…

In Washington he would go to college at George Washington University for an active-duty master's degree. During this time he would make friends and excel at the Army's Command and General Staff College. In this chapter he is also given the opportunity to apply for the White House Fellowship in early 1972. Powell also worked at the OMB. Powell would then go to Korea and be assigned to the 1/32 Infantry, part of the Second Infantry Division. President Ford is the new president and Powell is now working in the Pentagon. Around the same time Powell would go to War College. Later on Powell would be promoted to colonel just two months before graduating. Powell was assigned to 101st's 2d …show more content…

He was an amazing leader, loving father, and an American hero. Sacred Honor shows this in a way many can't describe while also going deep into his life with amazing detail of this American Hero. It is no doubt that deep inside of him is the heart of a patriot and this biography truly shows that. Once again, I would definently recommend this amazing story to anyone who is looking for an inspirational story. Colin Powell is truly a genuine American Hero who is what a true patriot should

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