Selena Sardothien's Heir Of Fire

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The book Heir of Fire is written in two parts the first part Heir of Ash and the second part Heir of Fire. This is the third book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. The series tells the story of Selena Sardothien and her journey to the Throne of Terrasen. In this book Sardothien learn more about who she is and what she is capable of being. Selena has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak, but at an unspeakable cost. Now she has to face her heritage which will change her life and her future. The first part of the book and into the second part is Selena’s journey to master her powers. She faces a long, difficult battle to achieve this, but eventually she masters her powers with the help of Rowan the blood prince to Queen…show more content…
The author, Sarah J. Maas, knows how to get the reader emotionally attached to the charters. This is very important because it gives the reader a reason to keep pushing through the slow parts of the book. Because of Maas’s talent to involve the reader in the story, the story of Selena Sardothien is a great story to read. Maas’s talent has the ability to make people attached to the book and her characters. Not only does Maas’s book involve the reader emotionally, but she also makes it possible for the reader to relate to the characters and the hardships they face. In every book the reader is able to relate to one of the characters in one way or another. Maas makes the characters relatable, but she also makes the plot interesting and not like everyday life. This is very important in a good book and Maas has mastered this skill along with many…show more content…
Because of her writing abilities the story of Selena Sardothien is an amazing story to read. Although the books can be hard to fall in love with in the beginning they are worth pushing through to further your journey in Selena’s life. The book had its downfalls, but even good books have downfalls. She knows how to make the reader attached emotionally to the characters, and she also makes it possible for the readers to relate to the characters. This book is a great book that made the reader even more emotionally attached to Selena and the movement she is trying to accomplish in her world. The writer, Maas, has developed an amazing and enticing plot that continues throughout her books. Not only does she accomplish and further a great plot, but she has also developed amazing characters all with their very own story to tell. In conclusion, because of Maas’s writing abilities the book Heir of Fire and the Throne of Glass series are all great reads, and everyone should try reading

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