Summary Of Satirical Characters In Pride And Prejudice By Mr Collins

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I choose to do a dramatic interpretation of one the satirical characters in Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Collins. I did a dramatic interpretation of Mr. Collins in today’s society as a teenager. In the novel, Mr. Collins is a pompous clergyman who receives financial support from Lady Catherine De Bourgh. He proposes to Elizabeth, but she refuses his offer, so he proposes to Charlotte Lucas. Mr. Collins is a satirical character because he only cares about how society perceives him and he is used to ridicule men who only care about wealth, power, inheriting land, and inheriting more wealth through marriage. I started the video off with images of Mr. Collins cleaning his money to show his obsession with wealth. He is polishing one-dollar bills to show he is not extremely wealthy, but he is proud of his current wealth. There is also a brief moment in the video when Mr. Collins is tying a tie to show that he is formal. In the beginning of the film, the ending of the song “It’s Everyday Bro” by Jake Paul is playing in the background to mock Mr. Collin’s arrogance. The song creator is known for his arrogance. In the ending of the song, Jake Paul brags about the amount of money he is making, similar to how Mr. Collins brags about his wealth. In the next scene, Catherine De Bourgh is convincing Collin to get a girlfriend, similar to how Lady Catherine De Bourgh convinces Mr. Collins “to marry as soon as he could” (Austen 65). Lady Catherine De Bourgh wants Mr. Collins to get
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