Summary Of Scarface And The Godfather

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INTRODUCTION The films Scarface (1983) and The Godfather (1972) are both crime-drama films which focus on the rise of their respective characters up the criminal ladder, becoming leaders on their own right and experiencing parallels on their stories while interacting with characters with duality in rules for both films. Scarface’s Tony Montana opted for drug trade and started his own empire on the back and blood of the people he killed, while Michael Corleone took matters to his own hands when he saw his family being besieged by the other families, psychologically exploring the minds of the characters while trying to deal with outside threats and stimulus. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 1. What are the similarities and differences of the film?…show more content…
Omar Suarez – Peter Clemenza – A friend and second-man to the boss (Frank/Vito). Alejandro Sosa – Virgil Sollozo – Rival to the boss and later the main character. DIFFERNCES Tony and Michael - Though they share the same actor and are regarded as deconstructions of a common stereotype, they are different in terms of personality, upbringing and their mindset. Tony is a Cuban born into a poor family, implied to be a political assassin and vulgar all the way, he quickly came into excesses when his empire is formed. Michael is a Sicilian-American born from a rich and influential family, a war veteran with honors and has a life away from crime, though his story quickly turns when forced into family affairs. Era of the Films – Both in-film and real life, Scarface is set in the early to mid 80’s. The Godfather, on the other hand, is filmed in the 70’s while having the film set in the 1940’s-1950’s. Pacing of the story – Even if the film shares similarities in both premise and plot, they differ in the pacing. For example; Tony’s ascension as cartel boss occurs more early than Michael’s. And the death of Frank Lopez, Tony’s boss, occurs earlier than Vito, Michael’s father (and figurative
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