Summary Of School's Out For Summer By Anna Quindlen

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Think of the Children in America

Summer is the time when most kids enjoy their free time out of school, and for some kids, summer is the time where they’re not so lucky food-wise. Anna Quindlen, the author of the essay “School’s Out for Summer,” stated that children often were not able to receive the appropriate nutrition during summer because sometimes families do not have enough money to provide nutritious meals as they are served in school. The essay proves, with factual evidence, that, although most people tend to deny the problem, starvation occurs as well in the mighty country of America. Quindlen explained that “During the rest of the [school] year fifteen million students get free or cut-rate lunches at school... but only three million children are getting lunches though the federal summer lunch program.” The author stated that families often relied on school lunch programs as a way for their children to be provided with at least one meal per day. “In most cases these are not parents who are homeless or out of work...most are...minimum-wage workers who can’t afford enough to eat on their salaries.” Anna
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“Some don’t want or seek government help because of the perceived stigma.” Many families have a hard time accepting that the help from government is very helpful to their budgets, but unfortunately sometimes prefer not to bruise the pride they have. She was determined to make the readers believe that this problem exists by showing how programs that relieve the problems (feeding programs) are successful and very helpful in being able to provide meals for the children of
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