Summary Of School's Out For Summer By Anna Quindlen

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YOUR TITLE GOES HERE The struggle of hunger is something that many people in America deal with. Many other Americans can hardly believe that there are children going hungry in one of the most developed countries. This issue is addressed in the essay “School’s Out for Summer” by Anna Quindlen. This essay is attempting to not only inform people of child hunger in America, but it is also trying to persuade people to act on this matter. This essay's purpose is to ultimately expose the problem of hunger in America to people that are oblivious or even in denial. This essay is basically saying that child hunger is a shadowed but prominent problem that needs to be taken seriously. Insight from public service announcements were included in this essay which shows the unanimous opinion of the people. The text states, “Not here. Not in America. If there was, we would know about it. We would read about it in the paper, we would see it on the news. And of course we would stop it.” This is showing how many people in America are delusional to child hunger. This evidence supports my claim because it backs up the notion that people are unaware towards child hunger.…show more content…
These pieces of evidence support her argument in different ways. One piece of evidence she included into her essay was the opinions of some participants in the topic of child hunger. These people did not believe that child hunger was a problem which motivates the authors argument that many Americans don’t acknowledge child hunger. The author also included statistics into this essay. The text states, “The Agriculture Department estimated in 1999 that twelve million children were hungry or at risk of going hungry.” This also supports the author's argument because the statistics prove that many children are not getting enough to
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