Summary Of Shame By Dick Gregory

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The text “Shame” recites a tragic incident about the author. The author Dick Gregory, a black political activist, comedian, and writer has written many books. It appears that Dick Gregory wrote about a shameful moment of himself from his childhood. The text covers the tragic moment he experienced, as the first time Gregory dealt with shame in his life. In conclusion, the sad nonfiction excerpt “Shame” retells a tragedy of Dick Gregory. The text tells a shameful experience in Dick Gregory's childhood. At age seven, he first experienced shame and embarrassment from his teacher. In the excerpt, Richard (Main Character) had tried to stand up one day, to impress Helene with the fact he would donate money to the Community Chest. When the teacher was calling out name of the people in class to ask if and how much money they would donate to the Community Chest, the teacher called out Richard’s name. So Richard stood up and raised his hand and spoke “you forgot me?” The teacher shot back, “we are collecting this money for you and your kind.” Richard was still hesitating about stop talking and claimed, “I got it right now, I got it right now, and my Daddy gave it to me to turn it in today, my Daddy said.” Before Richard could finish his sentence the teacher got aggravated with him and yelled out an offensive response to Richard. She uttered back, “and furthermore, we all know you don't…show more content…
Richard the character in the book, portrays the author from when he faced hardship in school. He got criticized by his teacher because of his social class. Richard got frustrated with himself for being so poor and in need of relief. He was upset with the fact that he got embarrassed in front of his classmates and especially Helene. This all justifies the fact that the most shameful event in Richards and Dick Gregory's life took place during his childhood and at
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