Summary Of Sharon M. Draper's Copper Sun

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The book Copper Sun is a story about an African girl named Amari who is sold into slavery. The author of Copper Sun is Sharon M. Draper. The book is an dystopian novel - which is also a fictional book, based upon an enslaved African’s life. In the novel of Copper Sun, the setting of the plantation and Amari’s village have several similarities, and differences. There are several similarities between Amari’s village, “Ziavi,” and the plantation. Africa, and the plantation both had a farm, or fertilized crops. There were Africans, both at the plantation, and Amari’s village, Ziavi. Amari’s village also had slaves, like the plantation. In the plantation there are some sort of a shelter at the plantation for, also had some sort of a shelter in Amari’s.…show more content…
The Derby’s had provided a bed in the Plantation, and people in Amari’s village slept on mats. Also in Africa, they grow crops very differently than they do in the plantation. Africans had slave, but the Americans treated Africans as animals. There were not white men in Africa, which made the white men looked unusual to the Africans. In conclusion, the book provides more difference than similarities there are still several comparisons to be made. Even though Copper Sun is fictional, its based upon how an African's life was like as a slave. Readers could be thankful to never had any experience as Amari did in the book “Copper Sun.” In the novel Copper Sun, there were majority of difference than similarities between the plantation, and Amari’s
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