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It is bizarre that only 50 years ago a woman's sole purpose and responsibility was to care for her children and tend to the needs of the home. In the early 1960's, to think a woman could contribute to society in the same way men could was a ludicrous idea. It was unorthodox for women to receive an education. Imagining women holding high positions in society while still managing to take care of the motherhood duties was inconceivable. Today, many women are relied on for holding some of the most successful job positions in the country. In Sheryl Sandberg's article, Lean In: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid, she attempts to convey her opinions on feminism, as well as her problems with the way women are perceived in today's society.
Sandberg, highly regarded for her position as Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, writes as a renown and successful woman. Sandberg's ability to use the rhetorical appeals, Ethos, Pathos, and Logos for her means of persuasion, creates a complex perspective between her targeted audience and those she is not targeting.
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The rhetorical appeal, Logos, is frequently used in assessing Sandberg's issue over her belief that men still hold majority of the power in society. From her research she was able to learn that “Of 197 heads of state, only 22 are women.” Sandberg elaborates, "Of the top 500 companies by revenues, only 21 are headed by women, and that, in politics, women hold just 18% of congressional offices. By providing statistics about the gender percentages in high skilled professions, it gives logical, comprehendible information that prove men have the biggest impact on society by holding such significant

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