Summary Of Sidney Poitier's Matter Of Conviction

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My response to Sidney Poitier's "Matter of Conviction," is it was a great essay. The main topic in this essay is about how Sidney just stumbled into the actor business and was making good money until one role he got was being dishonest to him-self and couldn’t stand up to anyone, which he said it, will lose his self-respect. Sidney couldn’t just be passive and throw away his family’s morals and rights they believed in. This essay is trying to attempt to get you to see what Sidney’s life was and how he had to fight everyday to provide for his family. I believe this writer has a clear controlling idea for the reason he started his article with “I had no plans to be an actor…I needed work and was leafing through…the Amsterdam News one day.” This statement is already trying to tell he is poor and he is willing to try anything. This then gives the readers questions, what actor did he become? Was he successful? and pulls the readers in. This essay is organization and development for the writer stays on track for just finding anything that is work, will take care of his family, and keep his family’s…show more content…
The age group I would say is around twenty to thirty year olds trying to find their role in life. This essay effectively reaches the target audience and this age group would definitely enjoy this piece of writing. This essay teaches us about the genre of autobiography by showing us it is about Sidney Poitier and his story about finding himself in life. It is fictional and in first person point of view. First person point of view means “I” or “self”. This essay also teaches us to look for who is telling the story. One issue I had with this essay is he never mentioned anything about god. Was Sidney Poitier even a Christian? I did like that he stuck with his own morals and stood up for his self respect so that tells me he is a good
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