Sister Rose's Passion And Stereotypes

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The documentary Sister Rose’s Passion, explains how Sr. Rose Thering took a stand against bigotry and prejudice towards the Jewish people. Throughout the documentary, she recounts her experiences of growing up and going to Catholic school. In school Sister Rose was taught that the Jews killed Christ, however, she believed that this was a mistake and a misunderstanding. Today bigotry and prejudice are conveyed through bullying and stereotypes. Bullying is a major issue facing today’s youth. Over the course of the past few years bullying has become such a concern that many states have adopted laws against it. However, the issue evolves as time goes on and now cyber bullying exists. Cyber bullies can insult others over the internet with no need to be nearby the person they are insulting. For example, a young child posts something on social media, but an upperclassman sees the post and begins making fun of the child for no reason. Then the next …show more content…

Stereotypes separate people, and give them a fixed mentality towards a certain group of people. Sister Rose Thering witnessed stereotypes when she was taught that the Jewish people were malicious for killing Christ. Nevertheless, she strived to prevent prejudice directed towards Jews. I am a member of the Peer Leadership club in my school, and I have done activities with other students that discourage negative behavior associated with bigotry and bullying. One of these activities is a group project that requires a number of students to think of a stereotype and explain it to everyone using a poster. The purpose of this activity is to show students that stereotypes, and attitudes associated with those stereotypes, are usually inaccurate. The stereotype the group picks never accurately compares with an actual person that falls under the stereotype. Ridding people's’ minds of these misconceptions is a monumental step in stopping prejudice and

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