Slave Trade History Summary

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Summary of slave trade history.
Slavery was popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. It consisted of Africans being kidnapped from their own homes and shipped off to America and Europe. They 'd be auctioned off to become people 's slaves. The slaves would be forced to work as much as they were needed to. They would pick cotton and sugar canes in extreme conditions. It was dangerous but they would be forced to if orders weren 't followed they 'd be punished. Some owners of the slaves were nice but the majority would abuse and force them to do labour work even if it could kill them. In 1863 slave trading became illegal and all slaves would be 'set free '.
Modern slavery.
Slavery didn 't end in the 19th century. It is still happening in every
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Almost all slavery practices contain some type of forced labour.It affects millions of men, women and children around the world.Domestic work , construction, mining, manufacturing, processing and packaging , Prostitution and sexual exploitation , Market trading and illegal activities are all examples of forced labour slavery.Forced labour often affects the most vulnerable and excluded groups, for example commonly discriminated Dalits in India. Women and girls are more at risk than boys and men, and children make up a quarter of people in forced labour.Migrant workers are targeted because they often don’t speak the language, have few friends, have limited rights and depend on their…show more content…
Child slavery is often confused with child labour, but is much worse. Whilst child labour is harmful for children and hinders their education and development, child slavery occurs when a child’s labour is exploited for someone else’s gain. Most children work because their families are poor and their labour is necessary for their survival. Children are often employed because, compared to adults, they are more easily controlled and are unlikely to demand higher wages or better working conditions. Children can be forced into marriage and iolent armed conflict. They can also be forced into sexual acts forced thriugh
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