Summary Of Sojourner Truth By Francis Bacon

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Ain’t I a Woman? -Sojourner Truth Sojourner Truth, a black female slave, made the following essay when she attended a woman’s right convention held in Akron Ohio in May of 1851.During this time the United states wanted to give women more rights but forgot that black people were still treated as slaves. The introduction was very engaging because it stated all the ideas that will be in the essay. Sojourner truth told this speech with a Black southern Dialect. She gave example of how blacks were treated like they were nothing like. She gave comparisons on how white woman were treated and how black woman were treated. This was a vey engaging essay, it made the reader focus on the essay and never stop reading it. Of Studies -Francis Bacon In “Of Studies” Bacon lays out the value of knowledge in practical terms. Studies are something you can grab and use in whatever way you want. Bacon uses lots of examples to further develop his thesis and introduction. Bacon tells us that you can taste a book others swallowed and others chewed and they swallowed. This explains us that you can choose to get deep in your reading simply glance at it. Bacon did a very good job in the introduction; he stated what his main points were almost in the same orders that they appeared further in the essay. His dialect was very sharp and had very elaborated words to explain very simple things. Bacon went to the past and explained that over time there have been Historians, poets and very dumb people and

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