Summary Of Solomon Northup's 12 Years A Slave

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12 years a slave is a memoir, in which the author narrates the story of his descent into the cruel world of slavery, and his eventual liberation after 12 long years of suffering. The author, Solomon Northup, begins stating that he was born a freeman, and had been one for more than 30 years, till the year 1853, whence his misery begins. Solomon was fortunate to have an education that far surpassed others of his origin. He worked as a labourer in a farm, and his life was fairly normal and uneventful, until one day he met two gentlemen, who claim to be connected with a circus, and required someone with a proficiency in music to accompany some of their performances before they reached the circus. They offer him a good pay, and so he readily agrees to do so, leaving without informing his family, assuming that he will be returning soon. They perform only once, during the time he is with them, and the proceeds are very meager. They convince him to accompany them to the circus, once again offering him high wages. They suggest that he get papers that proclaim him a free man, as they were entering a ‘slave State’, and later, even give him a certain amount of money, for his service, and several other acts as these only make him trust them more. One night, they persuade him to drink along with them. Later, he feels sick, and dizzy, and passes out. When he comes to, he finds himself stripped and chained to the ground. Thus begins his time of suffering. When the owner of the slave
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