Summary Of Some Lessons From The Assembly Line

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The author sets up a picture of himself as a student and a factory worker. The story shows us about what happens when a student decides to take a part-time job in the summer while continuing his education. Andrew Braaksma makes some great points in his article. The three main points in the article are to express the importance of education. We need to appreciate the value of being employed. The lack of people not being taught about working hard and the neglect of our education. These points are the driving force of the article. It shows us about learning life 's lessons and appreciating the value of employment when you have it. The author 's primary focus in “Some Lessons from The Assembly Line” is to bring out the situation he went through during his time at work and helping us appreciate education. In his award-winning article, “Some Lessons from The Assembly Line”, Andrew Braaksma tells you how important going to college is, getting a good job, and working hard. The first key point that the author uses is the importance college. "Factory life has shown me what my future might have been like had I never gone to college in the first place." ( Braaksma 2 ). He is telling us about how his life would be like if he did not go to college. His education from college will benefit him to get a better job so he does not have to slave away at a factory. “All the advice and public-service announcements about the value of an education that used to
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