Summary Of Sophia's War

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The novel Sophia’s War by Avi begins with a twelve year old girl named Sophia. During this time was American Revolutionary War. Sophia’s life was changing drastically as her father was missing, her brother was captured, and the city where she lives was burned. A young man named Nathan Hale was caught being a spy and was sentenced to be hung. Sophia and her mother were there when his hanging occurred. She was confused and upset of why he should be hung but when she spoke up, a soldier threatened the same fate as Nathan Hale to happen to Sophia as well. It was horrific for Sophia to witness the hanging. “One of the soldiers kicked the ladder away. The young man dropped. I ghasped.” (pg. 8). Sadly, this is not the only death in Sophia’s life that occurs. After the hanging Sophia’s father returns with a bullet wound in his arm. As he is healing her brother is still missing until one day he was walking by with a group of other prisoners guarded by soldiers. She immediately found a way to go see him in a prison. She was determined to get her brother out…show more content…
Townsend recruits Sophia as a spy. She is sent into a mansion as a housemaid. Mr. Townsend thought she would make a great spy because she can read and that did help Sophia gain information since her job was the clean John Andre’s office. He left letters about the war in his office and that is where Sophia got most of the information. She takes a long trip, on foot, up to continue her spying on John Andre. When she heads back home she stops in a town and tries to find her brother’s friend, John Paulding. Successful in finding him, Sophia and John Paulding make a plan to capture John Andre since he is suppose to cross through that area to get home. They captured John Andre and he is sentenced to being hung. Sophia visited John Andre before he was hung and reveals that she uncovered his plans. It up setted Sophia at first but,” The answer I insisted upon- then- was I have saved my country.” (pg.
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