Summary Of Special Education In The Philippines

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According to Maria Madrid (2012), The Policies and Guidelines of Special Education in the Philippines, in article 1: Philosophy, Goals and Objectives, section 2. Every child with special needs have the rights to an educational program that is suitable to his/her needs. Special Education shares with regular education basic responsibilities of the educational system to fulfill the right of the child to develop to his full potential. The children with special needs have the rights to know basic responsibilities like learning self-help skills which they would always do every day. In section 3, Special Education shall aim to develop the maximum potential of the child with special needs to enable him to become self-reliant and shall be geared towards providing with the opportunities for a full and happy life. Children with special needs deserve to have a happy life and to learn things. They need to control their selves in many thing and they need to know on how to self-help themselves with the guidance of teachers and guidance personnel. In article 2: Definition and Scope, section 1. Special Education refers to the education of persons who are gifted or talented and those who have physical, mental, social or sensory impairment and cultural differences so as to require modifications of the school curricular, programs and special services and physical facilities to develop them to their maximum capacity. These persons may be gifted/talented, fast learner, mentally

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