Summary Of Spongebub

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SpongeBob and Patrick

Once upon a time, there was a tall and handsome man named SpongeBob. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. When walking he’d always have someone to walk with him. Those were his good followers. Because when like that he felt he was a king himself and looked up to by the people.

One day while SpongeBob was walking slowly along with his followers, a feisty, dark man named Squidward dared to tick-off SpongeBob. He said SpongeBob was bombastic and despicable. Upon hearing this, SpongeBob was angry and he ordered his people to beat Squidward.

But to SpongeBob’s surprise, his five strong, muscled men were defeated by just one yet mighty Squidward. Eventually though nervous as he is inexperience in combat, SpongeBob
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The two of them immediately panic because they knew that the ship would sink. Gradually the ship sank and then SpongeBob and Patrick swam toward the nearest island.

“Thankfully, we are safe,” said SpongeBob. ”Certainly,” said Patrick. In the morning, to their surprise they found out that they were the only people on the island. They went through the island, but they did not see any person. They saw some animals instead. Day and night, Patrick’s only wish was to return home. However SpongeBob still wanted to resume the journey to the ocean.

One day while they were walking on the island Patrick saw a bottle with a lid. Patrick removed the cap of the bottle and then unexpectedly a smoke came out from it and became a man-like figure. “Genie”, said quickly by SpongeBob and Patrick.

“Thank you very much to both of you. Finally for over a hundred years, I was able to come out from the bottle. As a reward, I will give you each a wish. Any wish will be granted,” said the Genie.

Patrick was happy as he could be with his family again because of the Genie. Meanwhile, SpongeBob was confused what to ask the
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