Summary Of St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolf

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In “St Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” By Karen Russell, Claudette tries to adapt to the culture of a human. Claudette’s progression ties in to what each epigraph states. The reader learns to understand Claudette’s place in the pack and her character. Claudette in every stage has different actions and responses to her sisters. Also to the new things they learn. By the end of the story Claudette fully adapted to the new culture. In stage 1, Claudette and her sisters have arrived to “St Lucy’s Home.” At first, our pack was all hair and snarls and floor-thumping joy” (pg 237). the girl’s barley knew about how to act like actual humans. They did wear clothes and eat cupcakes. Claudette at this point is very new…show more content…
They all still acted like misbehaved wolves. To Claudette everything that the nuns did to let them be free was a taunt. “It all felt like a sly, human taunt” (pg 240). Claudette and her sisters gave up. “The advanced girls could alternate between two speeds, ‘slouch’ and ‘amble’’ (pg 240). Claudette was worried for her sister Mirabella because she was the youngest one and didn’t seem to adapt so quickly. Now by the end of stage 2 Claudette is now more adapted. She and her sisters now wanted to please others and show them respect. Like humans would to one another. Claudette now expresses herself as one of the good girls. “I was one of the good girls” (pg 242). “Not great not terrible, solidly middle-of-the-pack” (pg 242). She was also very smart she even claimed by now that she could be better than her older sister Jeanette.”I probably could have vied with Jeanette for the number one spot” (pg 242). Claudette’s character towards the end of stage two is very much against Mirabella her youngest sister. Claudette said to Mirabella “Get away, get away! “(pg 243). That is because Mirabella jumped on her and wouldn’t leave her
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