Summary Of Stacey Mcalpine's Court Case

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Stacey McAlpine who helped Danny Heatley, a former Senator forward rebuild his career after a deadly car crash was charged with a lawsuit for defrauding his clients, Danny Heatley and Chris Philips and laundering the proceeds of the crime. In a statement by the lawsuit, Stacey McAlpine provided Danny Heatly with emotional support and advice during his recovery after the accident. At that time friendship flourished and Danny Heatley trusted and relied on Stacey. In the lawsuit filed at the court, Danny Heatly said that Stacey McAlpine represented him in his career as an NHL player before becoming his business adviser on a salary of $30 million a year. Danny Heatley who played for Minnesota Wild, as a forward, alleges that his ex agent and…show more content…
In the lawsuit filed in court in Calgary, Stacey McAlpine is accused of conspiracy, oppression, breach of fiduciary obligation and unjust enrichment by the family of Stacey McAlpine. It was also alleged that the family of Stacey McAlpine used multiple corporate entities to protect themselves from personal liability. The companies which were embattled in the case include Presidential Suites Inc, McAlpine Sports Management Inc, NSEM Management Inc and Waterfront Development Inc. these companies no longer operate in Calgary. Stacey McAlpine so far has been removed as a certified agent with the National Hockey Players Association. Later in Alberta the judge issued a judgment on of the companies (NSEM Management). The court required the company to pay more than $13 million on behalf of Danny Heatley, but that money was never paid according to court documents. Since then Danny Heatley has claimed that the amount he lost in his dealings with Stacey McAlpine has risen to $10 million. Danny Heatly also sought another $1.2 million in punitive and aggravated damages for defendant’s alleged
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