Summary Of Status Symbol's Blues

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According to the authors in the passage “Status Symbol Blues,” the status symbol are things like those famously known brand like Rolex, Calvin Klein, etc. These status symbol function as the things most people desire and are well known to be expensive. With these status symbols, people usually think you have a really high prestige and a good social hierarchy. Most people now days view other people by their appearance, and without these status symbols, people usually judge you that you have a bad personal value. They ignore the fact that you have a nice education level or you have a good personality, they judge you as a bad person because you dress without the status symbol, so most people desire status symbol. People can escape the desire to…show more content…
People want to be fashion, so they tend to get things that celebrity uses. One of the most common status symbols is Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. I am a big fan of music, and because of that, I buy a lot of headphones in order to get a better sounding, which helps me enjoy music. Beats headphone are used by many famous people, from artist to athletic. So people think if you have beats headphone you are cool just like the celebrities. Beats headphone is really expensive because of its brand. People who can’t afford it usually buy replica beats in order to fulfill their desire of fashion, and since they only want the brand for the look, real or fake don’t really matter to them. From my experience most of the beats headphones have bad quality, like the new beats solo 2 headphones, it retails $199.99, and the sound quality is known for heavy bass which covers the details. Now for that kind of price I can get audio technica which is another headphone brand that is well known because of its’ nice sound quality. It balances the base and details of the music so I can actually hear what the music is about. People are blinded by the brand Beats because it’s what famous people wear, they ignore the main purpose of good headphone which is to provide a good sounding so I can enjoy and lose myself in the music. The reason why people buy beats for the looks, not for the music is because of their thirst for elitism and…show more content…
Nike Air Jordan is one of the most common status symbol blue in the market. There is a new Nike store just opened in Chicago, and they are selling the limited edition Air Jordan called “Just Don” that cost $650. People line up for days just to get this shoes because it’s really popular and fashion. Lavonne Simmons was one of the guys waiting in line. He was paid $100 a day by his nephew, so his nephew can get the limited edition Air Jordan. This status symbol helps people get onto the social hierarchy. There are shoes are cost $50 with really good quality, so for $650, that’s 13 times the price. So for people who can’t afford the limited edition Air Jordan, they buy knock-offs to become popular and catch up on the social hierarchy. People like to attract attention, and get respect from other people, and Air Jordan does a super great job because it’s so famous. This is wrong because respect is earned by good personality, not a status symbol. If people can see through the purpose of shoes and that respect if earned by your education or good personality not status symbol, next time when the new Air Jordan comes out, they will use that $650 on other stuff instead of the shoes because the $50 shoes have similar protection and it’s probably more comfortable than the Air Jordan. They will also consider the fact that it’s just a shoes, so
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