Summary Of Stephen King's 'One For The Road'

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In “One for the Road” by Stephen King, Ritchie is an example of the non-believer stereotype, because he doesn’t believe that anything will happen to him when he goes to the lot. In “One for the Road” a couple wrecks their car into a snowbank, and the man walks back into town to a bar. Ritchie is the usual drunk and doesn’t believe anything will happen if he goes to the lot. When Ritchie leaves he never returned. Then, the man and the bar owner go looking for his wife and kid, and they had all been bitten by vampires.”I 'd go up there and spend the night in what 's left of that haunted house you 're all so worried about.”(King 5) Ritchie believe that there is nothing up there, and if there is “I got my four-ten in the trunk of my Chevy, and that
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