Summary Of Steven Pinker's Defense Of Dangerous Ideas

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Steven Pinker, wrote a piece of an anthology called in Defense of Dangerous Ideas, where he writes about dangerous ideas and the effect these ideas have on people. A dangerous idea is an idea that makes individuals think and question their morality, ethics, or integrity. Dangerous ideas are the questions that can make a person upset or even confused about why this type of question is being asked. There is a slight difference in genetic enhancing and cloning. Genetic enhancement involves the modification of human traits such as eye color, hair color, skin color, etc. While, cloning is taking the same DNA and replicating it to make an identical copy of that same DNA. Although many people may think genetic enhancement and cloning is a dangerous idea and corrodes the prevailing moral order because it goes against religious beliefs, the advancements may go too far, and there are risk factors. Genetic enhancement and cloning is a good impact on society because it helps food supply, cures inherited diseases, solves infertility, and there is a potential to live longer. Imagine a world without diseases, infertility, and bad genes, that is what genetic enhancement…show more content…
As a society we are adapting, changing, and growing every day. Genetic modification is happening; many people are just not aware. Genetic engineering is great for society because it can cause many new advancements for the as in world with no diseases and a world without hunger. “There is a good case for exploring all ideas relevant to our current concerns, no matter where they lead” (Pinker 533). Although no one knows how far genetic enhancing and cloning could go makes it a dangerous idea, does not mean as a society that we ignore it. Ignoring the development of genetic modification can cause a total chaos when so many good things can come from this process. Cloning and genetic enhancing research needs to be further expanded and brought to the
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