Summary Of Stokely Carmichael's Speech 'Black Power'

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Devinn Francis Introduction:Stokely Carmichael was a civil activist and one of the youngest imprisoned for his participation and work with the freedom writers. On October 29th, 1966 he gave a speech called “Black Power”. During this time whites and blacks were segregated so there were many American civil right movements going on. His main purpose for giving the speech was to persuade and encourage blacks to protest against segregation. He wanted whites to understand that it was unfair to be treated differently because of the difference in their skin color. Stokely Carmichael impacted many people's lives by changing their opinions, and showing what it means to have equal rights. Author’s Purpose:In his speech he stated that “If someone wants…show more content…
We are oppressed because we are black. “ Stokely said this because he wanted people to realize that blacks were all put into the same category just because they are black. There was no other reason to not like blacks besides the fact that they were black . People's minds were manipulated by society and what other people thought. Many whites looked down on black men and women without getting to know them for who they really were. Stokely Carmichael urged the people to understand that everyone had importance in America not just white men. This convinced many people to have a change of thought. Some people realized that it wasn't fair but not all. Many fights broke out when whites didn’t change their minds. African Americans were thrown in jail , because they became more violent in order to get their way. Stokely carmichael’s speech did cause a few problems but it was one of the many first acts by an African American to unite blacks together so that they can fight for their equal
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