Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening Analysis

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1. The wall in this poem, has no practical use, yet the neighbour does care, fix it every spring

and he shows to consider it a sign of its essential properties on earth. On the other hand, the

wall bothers the poet : it seems like it offends the nature itself, which in his eyes is open

space, life force, over calculations and ambitions of possession of men. The starting point of

the poem may have been a personal experience of Robert Frost, often away from the cities

to live in the country and devoting himself to the agricultural culture.

2. The poem shows two neighbours coming together for the annual rebuilding of the wall

between their properties. Although the speaker seems dubious about what function the wall

has, it is
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In "The Road Not Taken" it is clear that the speaker regrets not taking a certain

path. "Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening" shows some regret about not

appreciating the small things in life. Both of these poems by Robert Frost give some advice

about how people should live their life. However, they are different in the situations that

they deal with. "The Road Not Taken" focuses on coming to a crossroads in life and how to

choose the best option for you. "Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening" tells us that

we should slow down and learn to appreciate little things everyday.

16. I would say that Frost stressess the road less travelled because it is the one that frightens the

most: the consequence of a choice includes the possibility of an error, but live without ever

thinking of making it is not possible. The error makes human, letting us remember to

understand that with no risk, there is no defeat, but there is also no victory.

17. Having taken the other road, it made so much difference to the speaker because now he

understands the latent meaning behind it: less traveled paths give more uncertainty, the

doubt creeps in and pushes us to follow the most beaten and the most experienced
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