Summary Of Story Of The Three Little Pigs

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Summary of story: The Three Little Pigs The story of, “The Three Little Pigs” is about three little pigs who build three different houses out of three different types of materials. These three materials are straw, sticks, and brick. The first pig builds a house made of straw. Once finished a big bad wolf comes along and tells him the phrase: "Little pig, little pig, let me come in." "not by the hair on my chinny chin chin." "Then I 'll huff, and I 'll puff, and I 'll blow your house in." The pig tells the wolf no so the wolf destroys the house eats the pig. He then moves on to the second pig, whose house is built of sticks. He repeats the phrase, the pig says no, then he destroys the house and once again eats the pig. He finally moves onto the third pig’s house. However, the third pig’s house is made out of brick. When the wolf attempts to blow down the house he fails. After the wolf’s failed attempt to blow down the house, he tries to trick the pig out of his house. He attempts to trick the pig out of his house by asking him to meet him in different places, but the pig always outsmarts the wolf. Finally, the wolf gets tired of trying to get to the pig so he decides to climb down the chimney. Once he gets down the chimney the pig catches him in a cauldron filled with boiling water, shuts the lid shut trapping the wolf, and then cooks and eats him. In the story, the first two pigs built their houses out of straw and and sticks. The question about this is if straw

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