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I choose to read and review “Suicide” by Emile Durkheim because topic highlighted this book is related to Contemporary Moral Issue class. It has something to do with basic moral principle which is “life should be protected”. If I relate suicide to what have been taught in class, this book which has been divided into three parts can be considered interesting especially Book Two since it portrays how society plays a big role in determining people’s life. Honestly, I read Book Two by heart since Book One and Book Three did not give much impressed (at least to me, personal preference). This assignment will make an attempt to review about suicide and its relationship with basic moral principle. This assignment will also discuss the act of suicide especially altruistic suicide from Islamic perspectives. Durkheim 's Suicide was one of the…show more content…
He asserted that suicide was a social phenomenon and not affected by individual personalities. The primary causes of suicide were the collapse of social relationships or the overpowering of social relationships. Observing that the rate of suicide varied with time and place, Durkheim looked for causes linked to these factors. He looked at the degree in which people feel integrated into the structure of society and their social surroundings as social factors producing suicide. He also argued that suicide rates are affected by the different social contexts in which they emerge (community). Durkheim splits this book into three parts but the most important part of which for my concerns is Book Two where he explains his theories of the social causes of suicide and the different types of suicides. In Book Two, Durkheim claimed that there are three types of suicide: Egoistic, Altruistic and Anomic. Under Egoistic suicide, Durkheim examined the role of religion, marriage and social

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