Summary Of Supersize Me

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From Morgan Spurlock’s documentary “Supersize Me”, an inference can be made that fast food can and should be taken with certain precautions especially in america where obesity is at an all time high. A correlation can be made that there is a fast food restaurant on every corner and the vigorous ads and commercials that are displayed on billboards, televisions, radio and cell phones teasing the audience to go out and buy this new burger instead of them staying home and eating something that would actually be beneficial to their health. Americans are not safe from the alluring temptation of fast food. In the video documentary “supersize me” Morgan Spurlock admitted that his body had cravings after 3 days of eating McDonalds non stop. Fast food can be potentially addictive the same way drugs and alcohol are .This alone should be grounds for putting a warning label on McDonalds products or just fast food in general. Within the first 20 days of Morgan…show more content…
His lungs were not directly affected but a correlation can be made between his fatigue and the way cigarettes affect your lungs. If that wasn’t enough to put a warning label on food Spurlock’s cholesterol skyrocketed and he became two times more likely to have heart failure and heart disease. He also went from eleven to eighteen percent body fat and gained twenty-four pounds of fat all in just thirty days. If that wasn’t enough americans may be unknowingly putting their personal happiness on the line. Throughout the diet Spurlock encountered headaches, mood swings and depression. Most americans are not even aware of the harm that they are doing to their bodies most are just trying to get a quick bite to eat so they can avoid cooking or eating leftovers from the night before. The question should not be, “does fast food deserve a warning label?” it should be, “how many labels should there be on fast
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